More than Photography

Just a few years ago it took a professional wedding photo booths palm beach and photographer to make a photograph look good; a knowledge of lighting, ambient light, shutter speed, aperture, and what time of film to use (just to name a few) all played a huge role in creating a well exposed photo. With surprisingly technologically advanced digital cameras those days are long gone. Now anybody can take a perfectly exposed, very professional looking image.

This brings up an interesting point, with such advanced equipment why hire a photographer at all, can’t you make a quality image without the photographer? The honest answer to that question is this, yes you can take a high quality image, but…

Taking a well exposed image is only a small part of what goes into compelling photographs, and I’ll be the first to admit, many professional photographers have forgotten this simple truth. Have you ever attended a wedding where you had to wait for over an hour while people posed for pictures? When that happens to me I can’t help but think the photographer has forgotten, they’re creating memories of picture-taking rather than recording actual memories created between family and friends – which would you prefer to save forever?

As your photographer, Photobooth rental Tampa will work to record the memories, the laughter, the joy, the love. Believe me, in ten years, pictures aren’t worth a thing if they don’t remind you of that.
I passionately, and sincerely believe that your wedding, the most important day of your life, shouldn’t be filled with memories of posing for umpteen-million combinations of photos.

Instead, I would like to become a silent witness to what actually happens: people laughing, talking, hugging, crying, dancing, kids playing, couple’s flirting as they all watch you and your soul-mate share in the moment, enjoying the biggest day of your life. In five, ten, and twenty years from now those are the memories you’ll hold the most dear, those are the ones you’ll want to save forever. Those are the images Windows on the water will capture.

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