From the on-the-street salesperson to the doctor, from the entrepreneur to the accountant, endless referrals are the cornerstone of business. Without a business based on endless referrals from present customers and clients to everyday contacts, the fate of anyone’s business is a nerve-wracking mystery, dependent upon current economic conditions and buying moods.

But a business based on endless referrals brings peace of mind. Endless referrals is going to sleep at night knowing that the chances are good that you’ll have new business waiting for you the next day, and the next, and the next for as long as you desire.

Prospecting is, and always will be, a key to building a business based on endless referrals, but these days, the rules of the game are changing. No longer do standard prospecting techniques work. The average consumer is more knowledgeable, less trusting, and wants to have a “know you, like you, trust you” relationship with his or her salesperson. Nowadays, in order to build that business based on endless referrals, we do it another way. We network!

But, in actuality, that is a confusing word, as misunderstood today as ever. Does it mean handing out business cards? Or aggressively shaking hands with everyone who comes within 3 feet of us? Do we tell people we are networking or trying to do marketing for lawyers? Where can we do it? Exactly what is networking?

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