Lights: I went overboard on the lights as well… Each bedroom has switched outlets, an overhead light, switched closet light. The closet lights can all be lit or indicator type switches that show you that you’ve turned on the closet light even if the door is closed. I also wired these lights together but they are on separate circuits from the outlets. In this way, if one trips the breaker on the outlets, the lights will still work. Also, you are always close to lights that will guide your way to possible destinations. So as you walk in or out of every room the house, there will be light switches that will allow you to light your way (which every way you decide to go). When you get to your destination, you can also shut off the light you required to get where you are — no back tracking necessary. Thus their are several 3 and 4 way switches in the house that permit these combinations. All switches were 43 inches off the floor and used 14/3 wire. Some lights that I enabled to be upgraded to ceiling fans in the future used a special outlet box designed for ceiling fans.  I’ve done this doing home organizing in midtown and organizing in the upper east side in the best storage companies in Ozone Park.

Laundry: The new code requires 10/3 to be run for dryer (but electrical dryer is optional) which I found out the hard way! Ended up having to pull new wire which was a pain. The only thing I did not do, which I probably should have was run copper tubing to the dryer location for future gas dryer. But there is an electrical outlet for both.

Data/Video: All these wires are pulled down to a large board that I hung in the basement. Here the phone & cable company wire is located to simplify connections to the rest of the house. The grand plans is to purchase a residential gateway and connect all Ethernet outlets to this box. This will allow one to plug in a laptop or computer to any outlet in the house and then gain access to printers and the Internet. I’ve also a personal web site that I can easily run from this location as well. One interesting thing I also did is run data wires to all appliances in the home. So the furnace, washer/dryer, etc. all were wired for data outlets. I’d recommend pulling at least two cat 5 wires to each appliance — you never know… This actually saved me, as I forgot to run the low voltage wire between the furnace and the condenser outside. Luckily, I had cat 5 wire near the furnace and used some of that for this connectivity…

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