The divining rods of the food and drink gods have determined that this year’s trend include an influx of non-American flavor profiles and stunningly vibrant, neon drinks infused with floral flavors. 2018 marks a shift in food culture for many Orlando food catering companies.

Most of the 2018 trends will require a specialized caterer as these include ethnic dishes and plant-based appetizers: two things popular among the growing Millennial class.

 Hotpot jerk chicken and rice
o Hotpots are trendy. Millennials are often associated with being overworked, so the utility of a cooker that allows you to leave for hours on end and come back to a delicious meal are all the rave. This Jamaican-inspired dish will require a specialty caterer, but it will be well worth the money at catered graduation party or housewarming event.

 Rose lemonade
o Floral flavors are very popular in 2018. This blushing beauty adds a pop of color to your catered cookout or single-plate style event. Ask for edible flowers for garnish.

 Curried lentil and coconut soup
o This speaks to the explosion of plant-based food: a staple among Millenial consumers. As an alternative to the rice often found in curry dishes, this lentil and curried coconut milk will not make your guests miss the carb-filled flavors of rice.

 Stuffed rice balls
o This appetizer is perfect finger food. Referred to as onigiri in Japan, these zesty rice balls are stuffed with ginger chicken and vinegar plums.

 Tanzanian barbecue
o Flavors of Africa are on the upward trend. From West Africa to East Africa, the continent is getting a lot of spotlight in 2018. This dish combines the complex flavor profile of Tanzanian mishkaki meat skewers with the American pastime of cooking over a charcoal grill. You can choose the type of meat. Make sure your catered has the berbere spice blend for authentic flavor.

 Bao buns
o Quick, handheld treats are growing increasingly popular in 2018. This Chinese dish consists of a stewed meat like pork sandwiched between a flat steamed bread; essentially, a Chinese taco. This is a perfect appetizer to serve at your latest get together.

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